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Disaster Recovery Download: Looking Ahead to IT Continuity Trends in 2014

It’s exciting to look back at the end of every year in the IT industry to see how far we’ve come. In 2013 we saw the meteoric rise of SDN/NFV, the continued hype around big data and even more conversations circulating about virtualization and the cloud. With all these buzz words filling the air, where does IT business continuity fit in?

In 2013, businesses came to terms with the necessity of an effective disaster recovery strategy. Many made the move from simple backup and tape solutions to more flexible and cost effective cloud-based technologies.

While there were improvements, there were also failures. The overall cost of downtime continues to increase and businesses, both small and large, saw outages that affected thousands of users and billions in lost revenue.

In today’s Disaster Recovery Download we highlight articles that look back at the industry movements in 2013, as well as those that predict what will come in 2014. Enjoy!

Businesses Embrace Disaster Recovery Plans

Despite the doom and gloom surrounding the weekly outages that we highlight, there are rays of light here and there. This article from IT Web points to new survey the finds that more local organizations have implemented disaster recovery and business continuity plans. The author, Suzanne Franco, points to one optimistic statistic: 74% of respondents indicated that their organizations do have disaster recovery/business continuity plans in place, while only 15% did not. Hopefully this is an optimistic sign for 2014!

Server Managers Sound Off on Data Center Duties for 2014

With the constantly shifting technology in the data center, the responsibilities of server and network managers continue to evolve rapidly. As we begin to look ahead to 2014, TechTarget and SearchDataCenter surveyed 400 IT professionals to see where their concerns and hopes lie for next year. Of note, 70% of respondents “gauge their job success by ensuring the reliability of IT services by improving systems resilience and mitigating potential downtime.”

For Online Businesses, How Much Downtime is Acceptable?

We couldn’t round out this week’s Disaster Recovery download without highlighting the major downtime that took place at Yahoo! this week. This article for CNN Money / Fortune by Andrew Nusca looks into the cause behind the 40 hour Yahoo! Mail outage and how it may affect the brand’s image and bottom line. While he isn’t able to tell how much exactly it cost them, one thing is for sure – it’s gonna hurt.

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