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Disaster Recovery Download: The Power of the Right Tools

While these technologies change and grow, the core principles behind your business remain the same

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen a wide array of predictions for what’s to come in 2014. Vendors, analysts and reporters alike have been guessing which companies will succeed, which technologies will falter and where the industry will stand a year from now. Despite all the different predictions, there’s one underlying theme: more. More data. More mission-critical applications. More virtualization. More reliance on technology.

While these technologies change and grow, the core principles behind your business remain the same: end users need to be able to access and operate without interruption in order to ensure your business can remain functional and profitable. It is critical to ensure that your IT admins are leveraging the right tools and are prepared for the inevitable hiccups that come with running a technologically-dependent business.

In this week’s Disaster Recovery Download, we take a look at a few articles that highlight these tools, from some of the industry’s most influential publications.

The People behind Virtualization Technologies

When we discuss virtualization technologies, we typically look at the hard metrics behind them. Which are the fastest? Which is the most reliable? In this article for Virtualization Practice, Jo Harder looks beyond the metrics to the people that design, build, sell and support the technology that we use every day. Harder provides an interesting perspective that we often overlook in our day to day analysis of the industry.

Datacentre outage financial losses up 33 per cent: Emerson Network Power

If you’ve been keeping up with the IT Continuity Insights blog you know there’s one thing we love here: estimating the cost of downtime. While this article by Brian Karlovsky in ARN may not do exactly that, it does provide some interesting insights into how the cost changes year over year. Karlovsky points to a recent study that shows complete outages are down by 20 percent since 2011, while financial losses owing to these outages are up by 33 percent.

When is it Worth Paying for vSphere Management Tools?

In this SearchServerVirtualization article David Davis analyzes what the vCenter lacks and when it is worth paying for vSphere management tools. Davis not only looks at the challenges that lead companies to look for third party management tools, but also offers a variety of concrete reasons for why they should look elsewhere.

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Josh Mazgelis is senior product marketing manager at Neverfail. He has been working in the storage and disaster recovery industries for close to two decades and brings a wide array of knowledge and insight to any technology conversation.

Prior to joining Neverfail, Josh worked as a product manager and senior support engineer at Computer Associates. Before working at CA, he was a senior systems engineer at technology companies such as XOsoft, Netflix, and Quantum Corporation. Josh graduated from Plymouth State University with a bachelor’s degree in applied computer science and enjoys working with virtualization and disaster recovery.