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Announcing the New Neverfail IT Continuity Engine

ITCE-logo-buttonToday is an exciting day. Not only for me, but for all of my colleagues here at Neverfail. For that matter, if you’re responsible for keeping IT infrastructure up and running day in and day out, well, today is an exciting day for you too.  Today Neverfail publically released the Neverfail IT Continuity Engine, an application-centric IT continuity solution that automatically protects critical business and IT applications against any type of threat or failure across any type of infrastructure.

You may have seen today’s press release that we put out on the wire announcing the general availability of Neverfail IT Continuity Engine. This latest release of our continuous availability software suite delivers unrivalled protection for critical business applications at the lowest total cost of ownership. Neverfail has been delivering high-availability software for over a decade, all the while building better and more reliable failover and disaster recovery techniques.  This release is the culmination of those efforts and is the most powerful version of our Heartbeat legacy to date.

Neverfail IT Continuity Engine provides protection for business critical applications against all possible types of threats and failures. Working from within the guest operating system, Engine has granular visibility and control over all aspects of server operations. Furthermore, with a true stand-by server architecture, IT Continuity Engine protects against more sources of downtime than other solutions can even think of.

  • Continuous application availability
    • Near-zero application downtime and data loss
    • Proactive application health monitoring
    • Multi-tier application groups across platforms
    • Reduces planned and unplanned downtime
  • Total protection against any threat
    • Protection for physical, virtual, & cloud-based workloads
    • Unified continuous availability and disaster recovery
    • Local & off-site together with Tertiary option
    • Extends clustering, compliments vSphere recovery options


Deployment example with Tertiary option

Deployment example with Tertiary option

This configuration is just one example of how IT Continuity Engine can be configured to protect critical application servers. With flexible deployment across different platforms, physical & virtual, and support for almost any Windows Server-based application, Engine can increase the availability of your critical applications without re-architecting your entire infrastructure. Your solution should work hard, not your IT admins. That’s why we built IT Continuity Engine to be a fully automated solution that is extremely simple to deploy and manage.

  • Simple
    • Integrates with vCenter Server to enable rapid, automated, end-to-end deployment
    • Zero required changes to guest infrastructure to deploy or operate
    • Creates a single solution for VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, and physical servers
    • Centralized management and push-button operation
  • Cost-Effective
    • Built-in replication requires no additional hardware or licensing
    • Built-in WAN acceleration greatly reduces bandwidth requirements
    • Integrated data protection enables point-time-recovery of data
    • Lower TCO than separate solutions combined
  • Optimized for Virtualization
    • VMware vSphere Client plugin & optional stand-alone Windows client
    • Triggers VMware HA, vMotion, and Storage vMotion actions
    • Creates SRM integration steps for extending VMware capabilities
    • Enables cross-platform failover of guest VM’s

We’re not the only ones excited about this new release. With thousands of existing direct customers, an active partner program, and several strong OEM relationships, our IT Continuity Management products are creating buzz in many circles. “We are excited to be an early adopter of IT Continuity Engine,” said Kevin Muse, Enterprise Architect at Direct General.  “We had previously deployed Heartbeat and we are excited about the new capabilities in the Engine product.  We see Neverfail as a key partner to ensure our critical business applications are always available”.


We’re excited to bring this latest version of our technology to you. I’m personally excited to be able to announce this to you, and to be the public advocate for the Neverfail IT Continuity Engine. (…and the IT Continuity Architect too, for that matter!)

Need to know more? We can help. Click the video to the right for a brief introduction to how IT Continuity Engine can save you from downtime. Jump on over to our resources page to get your fill of datasheets, whitepapers, webinars, and more.

Already interested? Excellent! Jump over here for your free 30-day trial of IT Continuity Engine today!

-Josh M  (aka The DR Man)

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