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Mission Critical-Protection in a Mission-Critical World

Neverfail Protects Tier-IV Gold Data Center

Downtime and security threats are unacceptable for businesses in a cloud-based world. Neverfail understands the need for mission-critical workloads to be available for your customer’s 24/7/365, and still meet the highest levels of compliance and security. That’s why we partnered with SuperNAP in Las Vegas to provide customers peace-of-mind knowing their solutions are continuously available and always safe.

SuperNAP Las Vegas is the most resilient data center in the United States: boasting hyper-converged infrastructure and two of only eight Tier 4 Gold certifications in the entire world. Their physical protection is unrivaled in the industry – with security operations that closely resemble a military outfit rather than the “mall security” of sub-par data centers.

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After all, this is Vegas…home of films like Ocean’s Eleven that follow the story of thieves set on stealing billions in cash from underground vaults boasting high-tech security systems and impenetrable walls.

Though men like this still exist today, the currency – and the thieves themselves – have changed. The digitization in the world of businesses has brought on a new type of currency: data.

But what stands between those bad guys and your data? It begins with a 500,000 square foot facility impervious to the elements with armed guards standing watch 24x7x365. Access is highly restricted using Honeywell’s Prowatch solution that guarantees the integration of biometric scanners, facial recognition and badge readers for complex and comprehensive security. But how does ProWatch protect its applications to ensure uptime in their security software? They use Neverfail Continuity Engine.

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The partnership between Neverfail, Honeywell, and SuperNAP is a groundbreaking new era for missions-critical businesses that simply cannot go down. We’ve always delivered the most resilient cloud solutions, but now we can deliver them on hyper-converged infrastructures from one of the most impenetrable and secure data centers in the world. Neverfail is making Tier-IV Gold protection and 100% uptime available to our partners immediately with production environments going live in SuperNAP Las Vegas as of today.

Are you ready for a business that never fails?

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