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Neverfail. Where Mission Critical Lives.

You’ve known for a while that Artisan Infrastructure is where mission critical applications live. We’ve been advancing the company over the years with our industry-leading cloud solutions and just recently made a bold decision to change our name. Perhaps you heard about it. We’re now called Neverfail.

For years we have we stayed true to our mission to build the most resilient clouds in the world, but we’re not alone in that quest because our model champions the channel to fully deliver those cloud solutions. We are even more committed to helping service providers across the globe deliver the most resilient clouds in the world because we know our success is tied to yours. We’ve been faced with numerous challenges in that quest, and they have driven us to develop and acquire numerous technologies to solve our problems. We simply couldn’t wait for the market to deliver these solutions, so we MADE the solutions instead. Why? Because solutions for these challenges either didn’t exist, weren’t made for our scale or failed to meet our stringent requirements for security. 

Some of these challenges included:

  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
    • Escalating backup data costs and increased management complexity at scale
    • No ability to non-disruptively test BCDR solutions
    • No ability to provide customers self-service and autonomous abilities to fail proactively without tickets. At primary site and secondary site, testing.
    • Service Orchestration
  • Lack of self-service capabilities for orchestrating new & existing builds
    • No management integration between the various systems and capabilities
    • No single pane of glass management capabilities
  • Catalog & Order Management
    • Deficient systems for adding or amending products in services and product catalogs
    • Limited automation of ordering process end-to-end
  • Account & User Management
    • Limited ability to deliver a multi-tenant environment for cascading n-levels of accounts and sub-accounts
    • Limited ability to deliver custom, individualized branding for cascading n-levels of accounts and sub-accounts
    • Limited ability to set different policies for accounts and especially for sub-accounts
  • Billing & Analytics
    • Incomplete integration/functionality with billing & finance systems
    • Antiquated reporting functionality
  • Monitoring & Alerting
    • Limited visibility into operational aspects of the cloud
    • No ability to deliver proactive and preventative alerting
  • Other Cloud Services
    • Non-existent compliance and auditing capabilities
    • No ability to use object-based storage
    • Limited ability to deliver workspaces that access cloud-migrated applications

Rather than wait around for others to address the challenges, we did something about it. To start, we purchased a company called Neverfail in 2014. We realized that they had application-aware protection like no one else. Then, we purchased Just One Data because their solution addressed the backup gateway challenge, including a connection to object-based storage. Since that acquisition we’ve advanced the technology to include technologies like InstaCache™. Instacache delivers instant recovery from a de-duplicated secondary storage system. Then, just recently we acquired Vertiscale so that we can deliver the same intuitive user experience to all types of devices – workstations, laptops, and tablets. We now call this solution Neverfail Workspaces™ and allow users to get secure remote access from anywhere.

 Even with all these acquisitions, we were still left with the problem of managing all those systems through disparate tools from multiple vendors. So, we built a single pane of glass, SaaS-based cloud management platform that connects clouds anywhere and everywhere. This integrated solution spans multiple clouds, hypervisors and locations everywhere. All of these developments have provided us operational efficiencies unlike any other in the industry, and we’re the first ones to have that. What’s even better is that we offer you the same tools we use in our mega-scale environment for use in yours, whether that’s in Neverfail clouds or in your own data center.

As a result of these developments and a commitment to meet the needs of our partners, we offer an extensive cloud portfolio. We offer:

We’re leading the industry because we’ve faced the immense challenges of delivering cloud-at-scale and built solutions to overcome them. We feel you deserve the same level of service. We are here to help you deliver the most resilient cloud solutions in the world. That means we deliver you a cloud that Neverfails.

So, why did we change our name to Neverfail? Because you deserve to have a cloud that delivers all these capabilities and is always available to anyone, anywhere.

Neverfail! Where mission-critical lives.

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Josh Mazgelis is senior product marketing manager at Neverfail. He has been working in the storage and disaster recovery industries for close to two decades and brings a wide array of knowledge and insight to any technology conversation.

Prior to joining Neverfail, Josh worked as a product manager and senior support engineer at Computer Associates. Before working at CA, he was a senior systems engineer at technology companies such as XOsoft, Netflix, and Quantum Corporation. Josh graduated from Plymouth State University with a bachelor’s degree in applied computer science and enjoys working with virtualization and disaster recovery.